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Environmental (Sustainability), Social (Community) and Governance (Mission)

Our goal is to make Bantam Lake Cottage as low impact on the environment and to enhance the local community as much as possible, Bantam lake is a great place to visit and we want to make sure it is there for our children and future generations to enjoy.  Below is a summary of what we are doing already, and some of the ideas we are working on to further meet our goal.

Environmental (Sustainability)

Bantam Lake Cottage already features bathroom amenities from Public Goods made in the USA with natural ingredients in sugarcane bottles that don't contain harmful chemicals.  We are also evaluating natural choices for cleaning products (where we can do so during CV19).


We upgraded the HVAC to an energy-efficient electric heat pump, and installed a 9.6kW solar system and Powerwall+ to produce almost 100% of the cottages electricity requirements, the battery also provides backup power if there is an outage. As we upgrade and replace other items we are looking at natural and sustainable options.

2024 Update - Bantam Lake Cottage produced over 100% of the electricity it used in 2023, including winter Heating, AC, Oven, Hot water, Washer and Dryer used for all turnover laundry and everything else with a plug in the cottage... We are adding an EV charger for the 2025 season..

Social (Community)

We want Batam Lake Cottage to be socially responsible and give back to the community. Our 3 prong strategy is:

Governance (Mission) 

Bantam Lake Cottage is 100% US family-owned and 50% woman-owned and managed.  Our mission is to make it a safe and relaxing place for our children, family, friends, and guests to enjoy!

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